Debug your WSO2 ESB Connector

The way of debugging the WSO2 product and WSO2 ESB connectors have slight differences.

When you want to debug a WSO2 ESB Connector just follow these steps.

I assume you are using IntelliJ IDEA for your development IDE.

  1. Clone any one of the connector from this wso2 extensions git repository
  2. Then import the connector into IntelliJ IDEA IDE.
  3. Then add Current ESB product into repository directory of the connector
  4. Then you need to create a debugger and set the debugging port.
    Normally we set the debugging port as 5005. But you can set any port you wish to set as a debugging port.
  5. Then go to your connector directory home and enter the following line of code

    mvn clean install -Dmaven.surefire.debug

  6. Then you terminal would show as the following image.Selection_018.png
  7. The go to your IntelliJ IDEA IDE and run the debugger you have created on Step 4
    Then the debugger will start and point the debugging point you set.

That’s all about simple WSO2 ESB Connector debugging using InteliJ IDEA.