Session 01 : Setting Up Android SDK with Eclipse

Are you wish to learn android? Keep on touch. We are guide you to learn from the very basic level very short of reading.  First you need some knowladge about programming language of Java. Hope you were configure java and make your PC as JVM(Java Virtual Machine) To Setting up the Android environment with eclipse….

Google Search for Android now supports relationship-based voice commands

Android now supports for relationship based – voice commands to make calls and sending messages directly via voice commands for contacts that have been associated with their relationship to the user. The new feature by Google has been announced within days of rolling out a new Google Search update that enhanced its voice-recognition feature and allowed a…

Android – Linux

Android based on the top of the Linux kernel 2.6. The features of the Linux 2.6kernel include ✓ Security model: The Linux kernel handles security between the application and the system.✓ Memory management:The kernel handles memory management, leaving you free to develop your app.✓ Process management:The Linux kernel manages processes well, allocating resources to processes…

Android – GPS Tutorial

How GPS Works from Junho Kim Android GPS Tutorial from Ahsanul Karim //