Generate Bundle on Oro Platform

Generating bundle in Oro Platform is so easy if you are a Symfony user, Let’s think in a Symfony way. If we are going to create a bundle using Doctorin command in Symfony what we are going to do.

We run the following command for making a bundle

$php app/console generate:bundle

The same way we are using on here in Oro Platform to generate a bundle, but we may do some changes on here

I would like to create a bundle called DemoBlogBundle so my command would be like as follow


Cool, Yeah! you create your first bundle. Now Navigate to your URL /app_dev.php and check the bundle is activated on your Oro Platform


Oh! Nowhere is Oro Platform, I just seeing Hello World!. Don’t be scared because your doctoring command updates your common routing.yml, Let’s go and fix it.

navigate to app/config/routing.yml


Here, you need to remove the highlighted code or change the prefix to something else rather than / to /something

After go to refresh the URL you could able to see this profiler screen


Then when you navigate to profiler area and tab to Configuration you can check your DemoBlogBundle in the enabled bundle list.


That’s it. You made it.


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