Axis 2 Web Services – A Reader View [ PART II ]

Axis2 Client API 

Axis 2 Client API handles In-Only and  In-Out MEPs. Axis2 Client API is compelled with so many MEPs. but the both In-Only and In-Out MEPs are widely used and recognized by huge community. 
 As Axis2 provides support for any MEP in the core level, implementing either is fairly straightforward. The In-Only and In-Out MEPs are supported with the two classes InOnlyMEPClient and InOutMEPClient, described in the next two sections.

InOnlyMEPClient Class provide support for fire and forgot messaging. The transport treated as one way. 

InOutMEPClient and the Call class that extends the InOutMEPClient provide the API for request-response messaging. Axis2 takes care of the complete operation, and all of the addressing properties except the To address are under the control of the Axis2.

Users can configure InOutMEPClient to behave differently using the following four parameters:
  1. Sender transport
  2. Listener transport
  3. Use separate listener
  4. Use blocking
The user can switch Axis2 to different interaction by simply switching the properties of Axis2 client API.  Axis2 client API supports for XML parsing and OMElement represent the chuck of XML. 

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