My Research Diary #1 : The Consumer Assistance – IDEA on Mind for Final Year Project

Today so much of expert systems doing so much of work in the field of Machine Learning. Every seconds there are plenty of data going to store in databases. Does all make useful to the world ? Why they are going to store? These questions are on my mind asking where I am on shopping. 

For my undergraduate project I come up with an idea called “The Consumer Assistance” which make use of the store data on your every transactions whether that is online or real time. 

So what I am going to analyse on data? Watching on the Shopping mall entrance and observing the process. At the time I am 

ACT as “A Consumer”
ACT as “A Security Guard” 
ACT as “A Shop Owner” 
ACT as “Bag Collecting Officer”
ACT as “Billing Girl”

finally. The drama going to end I got a position as “I am the BOSS”. Yes. I am going to discover what my customer going to buy in their next visit? 

The problem is lot of variety of consumers are visited to the mall. children, parent, modern girls, handsome boys and etc. So My research starts on what they are going to buy on next? 

At the start of my research I observe I need data to discover the consumer behavior. Finally on startup process I have got data on UCI Repository to mining the pattern. 

The data set contains lot of features and so many characteristics on consumers as well as products.  

So I have start my research with only one question. 
How do I discover patterns on consumer buying data ?


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