Two new features for Firefox for Android

Firefox announce two awesome new Firefox for Android features:

01. Use the Awesome Screen to search the web, bookmarks and more

The Awesome Screen gives you your top sites, history and bookmarks, along with the ability to search the web – all in one convenient place. Learn more about the Awesome Screen’s features and how to customize it the way you like it.

How the Awesome Screen works

The Awesome screen has panels for your Top Sites (most frequently visited sites), Bookmarks and History (sites you’ve visited in the past).

Access your top sites

Just open Firefox to have the sites you visit the most frequently right at your fingertips. This list of sites will change as your habits change.
Top Sites 26
If you’d like to make sure something always shows up here, you can pin it.
  • Tap and hold on a site and then choose Pin Site. You’ll see a small push-pin next to the name of the site.
    Pinned site 26
Don’t want to see your top sites? You can display your bookmarks, reading list or history instead. See Rearrange, hide or set a default panel for more information.

Search the web, your bookmarks and browsing history in one place

The Awesome Screen gets its name from the fact that you can search everything from one place.
  • Tap the address bar or open a new tab and start typing. You will see sites you’ve bookmarked or visited before along with web searches you can do. Just tap the thing you want and you’re set.
    Awesome search 26
Of course, if you’d rather scroll through your bookmarks or history, you can do that too.
  • Just select History or Bookmarks from the Top Sites screen or a new tab.
    Awesome browse 26

    02. How do I share things from Firefox for Android?

    How do I Share using the menu?

    Firefox for Android makes it easy to share links to webpages or specific items from a page!
    1. Bring up the menu using one of the following methods:
      • To share a link to the webpage you’re on: Tap the menu icon android menu (either at the bottom edge of the screen or in the the top-right corner) .
      • To share a single photo or file on a webpage: Tap and hold on the item you want to share until the context menu pops up.
    2. Tap the share button android share and choose from the list of sharing options (social networks, Sync, email and document sharing accounts).
    3. As you keep sharing, Firefox for Android will remember and suggest your two most frequently-used sharing options and display them right on the menu for easier access!
      • Using the menu button:
      share android
      • Using the context menu:
      quickshare android

    How do I Share in Reader Mode?

    To share things in Reader mode:
    1. Tap the readinglist4 icon and choose the app that you want to share with.
    For more about the Reader Mode feature, see How to use Reader Mode.

    How do I share using NFC?

    1. In both the sending and receiving devices, ensure NFC is on: In Android settings, underWireless & Network tap More… and then check the box next to “NFC”.
    2. To share a URL from Firefox, touch the back of the sending device to the back of the receiving device and then tap Touch to beam on the sending device.

    ff24 touch to beam jelly bean 300px wide

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